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apple pear cider mead

It as been awhile since I vsited mycellar... to it is my kitchen and this tabletis pissingmeoff

Startedby making my own apple-pear juice. Not those ones from china but the nirth american ones

Nornal amount of juice
1 cup honey
1 cup maple syrup eh
1/2 cup agave nectar
1 tsp jamaican aolspice
1.080 start 930 pm nov 12 2011

Cherry Mead - Black Lapin Cherry and Sour Cherry

With the summer here and a wicked deal on Cherries at one of the local produce stores I figured what better time to work on some Cherry Wine. It didn't hurt that the wife is away at some silly scrapbooking retreat.

Raspberry Mead Pulque

Yes, once again I am head butting with the trends.

Fri, 07/09/2010 - 03:20


Stevia is a natural sweetner made from the leaf of a shrub in the sunfo

Blueberry Mead - Pure Juice Version

At the beginning of this month I made a batch of what I called Black and Blue Berry Mead. This was basically a combination of re-constituted Blueberry juice, some concentrated (Home made) Blackberry juice and spring water. This time, I figured I would make a pure Blueberry Mead. So no water, no blackberries, just Blueberries and Honey. Of course, there is some water as the blueberry juice is reconstituted, but this is as close as I could get without actually picking the berries.




The Home Wine Cellar

When you are passionate about wine you begin collecting it. Sometimes you sign up for a wine enthusiast club and now are collecting rare wines. As your collection grows, you need a place to store it all. A cupboard can without difficulty be redesigned into a space saving wine cabinet to age your valuable collection.

Black and Blue Berry Mead

I was at Costco about a week ago and ran into these jugs of Blueberry juice and figured why not. So I bought 4 litres and had at 'er. Since my previous batches of blackberry Mead used more of a concentrated juice and this was nowhere near as dense I figured I would add in some of my frozen blackberry juice.

Her is the recipe

4 litres Blueberry juice (I used RW Knudson)
1.5 litres Frozen Blackberry concentrate
1 Litre of bottled water
1 Litre (Approx) Honey
1 Package 1118 yeast
1 Tsp Yeast Nutrient

What the hell do I call this - Persimon, Yellow Plum & Rosehip Mead

There has to be a sexier name, if anyone can think of anything better than PPR (Not hard to do) please feel free to leave me some suggestions.

I started out with 4 cups of mushed RIPE Persimons with the skin removed. I am very careful to remove the skin of fruits when I can as to avoid the Pectin which apparently makes the wine cloudy. I figured plums were similar, well ok they really aren't but I needed something with a little more acid. I also had some rose hip concentrate I made up from fresh rosehips awhile back and froze.


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