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Black and Blue Berry Mead

I was at Costco about a week ago and ran into these jugs of Blueberry juice and figured why not. So I bought 4 litres and had at 'er. Since my previous batches of blackberry Mead used more of a concentrated juice and this was nowhere near as dense I figured I would add in some of my frozen blackberry juice.

Her is the recipe

4 litres Blueberry juice (I used RW Knudson)
1.5 litres Frozen Blackberry concentrate
1 Litre of bottled water
1 Litre (Approx) Honey
1 Package 1118 yeast
1 Tsp Yeast Nutrient

Starting Specific Gravity
Approx 1.080
9:15 AM PST on March 3, 2009

As a side note, I also had a little bit of Acai / Blueberry juice left over which I couldn't drink because it gave me the plops so I added that as well (Approx 1/2 litre)

I stopped the batch when it reached 1.010 which was at 8:15 AM PST on March 6th, 2009 so that would make it almost 71 Hours. I did the usual heating pasteurizing process and set it to cool for the day before sticking it in the secondary jugs with airlocks. I also added Sparkeloid to the batch just after I put it in the secondary. Not exactly typical practice but I wanted to get the yeast out of there.


Racking # 1 - March 30, 2009

I decided to rack this puppy at the same time as I put the next batch into the secondary. Less mess that way. The clarity was quite impressive for a first racking, I guess that could be attributed to the sparkeloid. Taste is fairly smooth and still abit of residual sweetness. Since there isn't really any yeast left, that will probably stay.

After racking, I put in some more sparkeloid and let it sit.

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