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Blueberry Mead - Pure Juice Version

At the beginning of this month I made a batch of what I called Black and Blue Berry Mead. This was basically a combination of re-constituted Blueberry juice, some concentrated (Home made) Blackberry juice and spring water. This time, I figured I would make a pure Blueberry Mead. So no water, no blackberries, just Blueberries and Honey. Of course, there is some water as the blueberry juice is reconstituted, but this is as close as I could get without actually picking the berries.


6 Litres Blueberry Juice
1.5 Litres Blueberry / Acai Juice (OK not all blueberry)
1 Tsp Citric Acid (Blueberries have a very low acid content)
3.5 Cups Honey

1 Pack 1118 Yeast
1 Tsp Nutrient

Inoculated at 6PM on March 26th, 2009


At about 6:30 PM on March 29, 2009 I stopped the fermentation in the usual way
For those unfamiliar with my practices, I heat the Mead up to about 65 F and let it sit covered with the heat still slightly on (enough to keep the temperature up) for about 10 minutes. This is a crude version of pasteurization and it kills the active Yeasty Beasties without the use of added Sulphites.

Once the ten minutes were up, I poured the Mead back into a cleaned out Primary Jar and put the lid on. I let this sit overnight to cool then I racked the Blueberry Mead into 2 separate 1 Gallon secondary jugs and added some Sparkeloid.


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