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What the hell do I call this - Persimon, Yellow Plum & Rosehip Mead

There has to be a sexier name, if anyone can think of anything better than PPR (Not hard to do) please feel free to leave me some suggestions.

I started out with 4 cups of mushed RIPE Persimons with the skin removed. I am very careful to remove the skin of fruits when I can as to avoid the Pectin which apparently makes the wine cloudy. I figured plums were similar, well ok they really aren't but I needed something with a little more acid. I also had some rose hip concentrate I made up from fresh rosehips awhile back and froze.

Here are the measurements:

5 Litres spring water
2 cups rosehip concentrate (previously frozen)
4 cups yellow plum juice (previously frozen)
4 Cups Mashed Persimons with seeds and skin removed
6 Cups Honey

1 pack 1118 yeast
1 tsp yeast nutrient

Specific gravity = 1.082

Start time 6PM December 1, 2008

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