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Fruit Wines Secrets

I found this post on making fruit wine on As everyone who reads my blog on a regular basis knows, I prefer not to use sulphites. I guess My method of juice extraction would be similar in results to method 1 except with pasturizing it after fermentation clarification is a non-issue.



Fruit Wines Secrets

More wine and your health

Just a little article I picked up. Not exactly in the vain of wine making but it does give me an excuse for my new found hobby.

Red Wine As A Cure For Cancer and Diabetes?

Put a cork in it

Here is another mooched article on the different types of corks

More fruit wine stuff

Here is a little article from the Mankato Free press in Minnesota.

Wine not?
By Jean Lundquist, Special to the Free Press
The Free Press

Sparking Apple Wine

Not mine, but interesting none-the-less. I noticed no use of sulphites in this one either.



For the past 2 months we have been on a sparkling wine-making frenzy. At first we just made a small 3 liter batch to see if it would work…and it did…so the next batch was 5 liters….and the one after that was 12 liters…ok, so we didn’t drink it all by ourselves…was served it at my birthday party and brought some to friends’ places when we were invited over. We’re making another batch again. This time it’s 5 liters.

Strawberry Wine

Here is a little article on strawberry wine I pulled from
Strawberry wine sounds interesting, maybe next year I will try my hand at at. It seems like there would be less of a sugar requirement than the Blackberry wine. Of course vine ripened would be the key.
If you are looking for a recipe, I can vouch for Jack Keller's site, I pulled alot of my wine making idea's from him.



More Mead Info

This is the first write-up I found on Mead, I figured I would share it with you.

Types of Mead

Dry mead is made of honey and water only. Stronger than wine made from grapes and can reach 18% abv.

Sweet mead is slightly weaker that dry mead and has stronger honey flavor and character.

Cyser is a combination of honey and apple cider. This is the strong drink of Biblical times. Both the honey and the cider will ferment to a clean dry wine which makes a great sparkling wine when primed with corn sugar or honey when bottled.

Juice Extraction methods

Extracting Juice

There are many ways to extract the juice from the berries. Some people use presses, which physically squish the juice out, others use spinning juice extractors or

Sulfite Free Organic Wine

Sulfite free organic wine does not exist in nature. It’s physically impossible. But, organic wines low in sulfites or no-sulfites-added organic wines are becoming more popular in some circles. There is a movement in the organic wine making industry that wants to rid wine of added sulfites. Why? It’s a chemical preservative. But let’s look at what it actually does.
What are Sulfites?


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