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Cranberry Mead... well sort of

OK, so I picked up just over 11 pounds of fresh "organic" cranberries. According to the Polish farm guy some old guy in the area "with nothing better to do" grows a small crop of them organically.... Personally I think it was just a sales pitch but who am I to argue.

A beginner's guide to making your own wine

Just another perspective from

By Kristen Munson
Special to the Los Gatos Weekender
Article Launched: 10/12/2007 12:09:14 AM PDT

The Red Wine Headache

It says from around the world, so here is something I found in the Jakarta Post

For some poor souls, a glass of red wine in front of them is the equivalent of misery where even the smallest consumption can bring on a pounding skull. This condition, referred to as "Red Wine Heachache" (RWH) is a well-documented phenomenon but widely misunderstood by millions of sufferers.

Is a blush wine the same as a rose?

With the dramatic increase in Finger Lakes rose and blush wines now available, the difference between the two is worth exploring.

Many information sources including Internet sites like Lexicus, The Cook's Thesaurus and The Free Dictionary by Farlex use the terms interchangeably.

Spiced Apple wine

Here is an interesting one I found

5 gallons flash-pasteurized preservative-free apple cider.
7-8ish pounds of granulated sugar (enough to make SG 1.085) dissolved in about 3/4 gallon water
2 cinnamon sticks broken into pieces
0.75 oz cloves
2 tsp pectic enzyme
1.5 tsp acid blend
Red Star Cotes Des Blanc yeast

The rest is self explanatory

Does a plastic cork make for a lousy wine? - by Andrea Dickson

Here is a cute article on Cork vs Plastic. Good for a chuckle or two, I like this woman.

I remember the first time my mother opened a bottle of wine that featured a plastic cork. She gasped audibly; the family gathered in the kitchen, where we took turns poking at this odd, pliable plastic cylinder on the kitchen counter. We all knew, instinctively, that this was an INFERIOR bottle of wine, because it was corked with plastic and not... you know, cork. How unromantic! How untraditional! How... eh, pour me another glass, will you?

Wine storage

There are many places in your home that you can have for wine storage. When you are serious about collecting different brands and flavors of wine, you are going to need to have place to keep it safe and protected. You do not want to keep your wine in a place where it will get ruined or broken.

The Steps in Winemaking Process

This goes through the basics

The Steps in Winemaking Process
By Milos Pesic

Wines, one of the most popular beverages in the world, is made through a special process called winemaking or vinification. Winemaking includes the choice of the grapes to bottling of the finished product.

Wine lingo

More stuff mooched from the other side of the world. I like it because of the word "gobbledygook"

Winemaker lingo made simpleBy LESLEY REIDY - | Thursday, 11 October 2007

Like any industry, those within it employ a number of buzz words and abbreviations that for the rest of us are little more than gobbledygook.

Below are some commonly used terms explained in plain language.


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